Let Your Property

Helping Landlords to find the right tenant for their property.

We have carefully created four different levels of service, see the table for a more detailed breakdown.

What you can expect as standard is a 7 days a week viewing and valuation service and a team with over 45 years experience guiding you through every step of the initial letting process and after that with fully managed or rent guarantee service levels.

We are members of The Property Ombudsman Scheme and Client Money Protect.


Amendments to tenancy or early termination at tenants request. £48 (inc VAT)

Replacement of lost keys £24 (inc VAT) plus key cutting to be charged at cost.

Additional Keys £24 (inc VAT) 1 set of keys will be provided per tenancy. If additional keys are required to be cut by ourselves (e.g. Security Keys for communal doors) then this fee will apply, plus the cost of cutting the keys.

Late rent letters £30 (inc VAT) Should you fall behind with your rent by 14 days all letters will be charged at this rate.


Please see SERVICE LEVELS above for what is included.


Set-up fee upon move in: £840 (£700+VAT)                 Monthly fee: £0


Set-up fee upon move in £600 (£500+VAT)                  Monthly fee: 12% (10%+VAT) of monthly rent due





Landlord requested Property Inspection: £90 (inc VAT). If the Landlord requests a further inspection in adition to those conducted 6 monthly these are available at this figure. This includes a report.

Landlord requested Tenancy Renewal: £60 (inc VAT). If the Landlord wishes to extend the minimum tenancy term this fee will apply.

Housing Act Notices: £75 (inc VAT) If the landlord requires a section 8, section 13 or section 21 notice to be servedthis fee will apply.

Landlord Rent Review Fee £48 (inc VAT) If the landlord requests a revaluation of the property to exisitng rental level we will negotiate with the tenant, update increased payment and tenancy agreement.

Arrangement of Selective Licence £60 (inc VAT) Some properties in the Hastings & St Leonards-on-Sea area require a selective licence. We can take care of the paperwork and arrange this for you for the above fee. This only covers the cost of the administration and not the licence fee itself. The current Selective licence fee can be found on the Hastings Borough Council website.

Inventory charges for unfurnished properties. (Cost includes free tenancy check-out)

1 & 2 Bedroom Properties £120 (inc VAT)

3 & 4 Bedroom Properties £144 (inc VAT)

5 Bedroom + Properties: Quote provided at time of valuation.

Electrical certificates: £Dependent upon size of property and number of appliances. Quote will be arranged.

Additional key charge: £18 (inc VAT) plus cost of key cutting.

Additional works £18 per hour (inc VAT) Should the Landlord require additional works to be carried out that are not covered in the service level tables, subject to agreement, this is the hourly rate that will be charged.

Court attendence £360 (inc VAT)

The following may be a legal requirement for your property: