Local Dedicated Experts

Allan Knight

Founder, Director & Head of Sales

Creator, founder and now Manager and Owner it only takes a few seconds with Allan to realise that his intention was for Inspired Property Hub not to be just “A. N .Other” Estate Agent. The drive to constantly evolve the service and media we provide our clients is staggering. Nothing is ever too much trouble and unusually for a Director in our industry, he certainly isn’t shy about working Saturday and Sunday. Allan is Hastings born and raised. Educated at Sandown, William Parker and Hastings College Allan really knows his patch and a lot of the people in it. He started his career at 18 years old and having been in the profession ever since Allan has helped tens of thousands of people find their new home across Sussex and brings with him his 23 years of experience within the industry, his 24/7 energy and his passion for property and people.

Maree Boyle

Lettings Manager

The most calm, methodical and organised member of the team, Maree is Hastings born and bred having been educated at Elphinstone, Helenswoods and Hastings College. We were delighted and flattered when Maree agreed to join our team, it couldn’t have been easy leaving her previous job within the town of 24 years! After 24 years in the industry Maree’s wealth of knowledge and experience shines through and her ability to calm a storm has to be seen to believed.

Tracey Newport

Head of Media

Tracey is another one thats Hastings born and bred and was educated at Elphinstone, Helenswood and Hastings College. Traceys attitude towards her Property Movies, photography and all other media is amazing. Some might say she is a perfectionist, we say that’s an understatement. She will quite regularly be heard saying “Thats not 101% correct, so its not going live” when referring to her media. As our head of media Tracey sees every property we take on, so when she isn’t snapping, filming or editing she is chatting animatedly (and selling at the same time) to our buyers and tenants. Just 2 great examples of how she really cares about our clients.

Jodie Sonley


The odd one out in our office as she wasn’t born just down the road from our Property Hub. Jodie our “Northern Lass” hails from Lincolnshire. You will regularly see Jodie zipping around from one property to next whilst using her very positive attitude and willingness to help people find her their home. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Jodie and her friendly manner is infectious as you will realise the first time you meet her.